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"Being disabled in America is like living in a third world country."


space people universal love, it’s but one race people children of the sun

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Rick Ross - I’m just doing my thing (unreleased) prod. Kanye West


It’s lit



i wont let this video die

Still my favorite Erykah Badu video

in the aaaaaarms of an angel

Hey Heaven

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Man…this hit me in the chest and I’m gonna tell you why: Its not about it being Ye. Its about the guy; Now I don’t know him from Adam and haven’t looked at the complex article about him (they tracked him down and interviewed him or something) but what I can see is a kid that had the confidence (and lets face it, audacity) to walk up to an artist he looks up to. Not only that, but have a conversation with him and his infamous wife while paparazzi is filming them asking dumb ass questions, knowing they rile Kanye up. Seeing the kid going for a moment he can remember forever. It could’ve went really bad and discouraging but it went so much better than he probably imagined. “Thanks for listening” he said…I’m really not putting too much on it when I say so many young people in general dont get listened to or just get dismissed.

Artists I grew up looking up to know ME and I STILL don’t go up to them because I feel like I’d be bothering them. Every time I see (I wont name drop) I walk away from the conversation like “I probably said something stupid just now”

This kid reminds me of my younger brother and the hope that you end up losing as the years go…the hope that you can make your way out of your situation whatever it may be. That kid wants to rap like the guys that he listens to, but he may not even realize that beneath the cliches of his lyrics (no shots) lies the need to tell his story, express himself, be heard, eventually help his siblings and his mom/grandma/whoever, and build himself up as a person though his expression. I know him because I was him and I continue to figure out who I am though what i put down. Those layers peel away and you find what you REALLY need to express eventually and he may be on his way. I mean, this is how Big Sean got on and he’s slowly but surely finding his story.

For him its Kanye, for you it was Q Tip or Snoop or Scarface or E-40. You saw them and just wanted to show them what you did because of how they inspired you. Somewhere deep down you just wanted to entertain them even %1 as much as they entertain you.

Im long winded but all I see is a guy with hope looking at someone that was once him…and a successful guy giving someone he used to be the attention he needed at that moment. Best part was it didn’t seem to be based on “yo sign me!” he just wanted to be heard.