so I can’t stop looking at this but low key I feel like she don’t know she’s being recorded so I feel bad but I can’t stop looking 😩👀 

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Kim and Kanye need to chill

Thank god Azealia escaped, I need to listen to BWET

Azealia needa watch ha ass, her record company is sending Kim & Kanye after ha smh


this nigga carefully and precisely placed them bottles sway was like nah


Power. Respect.



im a cry

Ooooooh my god

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now go and get you some.. that’s if you want that


"We don’t like pictures like this. It is not good to deduce an entire country to the image of a person reaching out for food. It is not good for people to see us like this, and it is not good for us to see ourselves like this. This gives us no dignity. We don’t want to be shown as a country of people waiting for someone to bring us food. Congo has an incredible amount of farmland. An incredible amount of resources. Yes, we have a lot of problems. But food is not what we are reaching for. We need investment. We need the means to develop ourselves." 
(Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo)